The LeBrun CyberHome


Welcome to the CyberHome of Steven and Debra LeBrun and their daughter Sarah. Wander through the rooms of our CyberHouse and share with us our interests, hobbies, and friends. Also, see some of the places that we have been on our own journey along the Web.

Who's Who

Debra is a Professional Musician. Debra is the Minister of Music at the Congregational Church of Littleton,. She also teaches piano and organ and performs throughout the area on both instruments.
Steven is a Software Architect. Steven's interests are software design, Science Fiction and Music. Steven plays Handbells at church. He is also a member of a Science Fiction Reading Group called The Positronic Brains and a member of the Hal's Pals Writers Group.
Sarah is our daughter who is in eighth grade. Sarah enjoys singing, animals and playing with friends. Sarah plays saxophone, violin, piano, and handbells. She sings in the Junior Choir and rings in one of the Handbell Choirs at church. Sarah had another great time during her second trip to Whale Camp this summer.
Griffin was our pet, a golden retriever. He passed away from brain leisons during January 2001 just a few weeks before turning six.

In November, we adopted two new dogs; Jack, an Ibizan Hound, was about a year old when we adopted him and Ada, a Goldern Retriever/Shar Pei mix was about 7 months old when we adopted her.

Griffin does not have his own webpage since he has not mastered using the computer keyboard...but he does have his own Doghouse.

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